The Soul Of A Jew

294.1Question: Will the soul of a Jew always be a Jew?

Answer: Yes, because these are the souls from Babylon who aspired to unite with each other and to unite with the Creator. They responded to this call because they belong to the thinnest, upper part of a single soul.

But with the collapse of the First and Second Temples, they fell from this spiritual level and mixed with all of humanity. We see how this mixture has reached such proportions that on every point of the globe they cannot forget about this small number of people, decide who they are, what they are, or what to do with them.

As a result, we come to a state where, through the revelation of Kabbalah, this group of people will be forced to rise again to the spiritual level and show the whole of humanity the same example that the rest of the Babylonians could not accept in ancient Babylon.

The Jewish souls cannot change because they are different in their root. They correspond to Galgalta ve Eynaim, the part of the common soul that is engaged in the implementation of correction. And the rest of the souls adjoin it and also engage in mutual correction, but with the help of the upper light, which they receive through this upper part.

This is by no means a disregard for the peoples of the world or a preference for some over others. It is just the way things are. By the way, as a result of the mixing of the Jews with the peoples of the world during the spiritual exile, the same states arise in other peoples as for the Jews, and they also rush upward.

We see such examples that took place in the ancient world. These are: Rabbi Akiva, Onkelos who gave us the Aramaic Targum (translation) of the Torah, and others. That is, there were souls who in past exiles received a spiritual gene from Galgalta ve Eynaim, were able to adapt it, and use it even better than the Jews.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up, Reincarnation” 5/3/10

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