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610.2Question: If Kabbalah is a science, why does it operate with such a concept as the Creator? How is it compatible?

Answer: The Creator is a general force of nature. This is what Einstein wanted to reveal as a physicist. Many scientists understand that there is one single force in nature that manifests itself relative to us as many different physical, chemical, and cosmic phenomena and forces, including those that we do not yet know about.

In principle, behind all these particular phenomena and laws that we reveal in relation to our senses, there is one single force, one single source. Gradually, as we study nature, we come to this conclusion.

This one force in Kabbalah is called the Creator because it created us. We are a creation of nature. The Gematria of the word “Teva – nature” is identical to the word “Elokim – the name of the Creator.” This indicates that the Creator or nature is one and the same.

The theory of a single field that Einstein was looking for is absolutely clearly presented in Kabbalah to anyone who wants to understand it, and based on this, determines their movements in this field, just as an electric charge moves in an electromagnetic field to its source in order to enter into harmony with itself.

Let’s say an electric charge has mass and there is some kind of gravitational field in which it finds a state of equilibrium. The mass and the gravitational field pull it, like egoism, down to our world, and the electric potential in it and the source of the electromagnetic field are from above, and depending on the difference of these forces, it resides, as they say, between heaven and earth.

So, we too, must develop ourselves so that our spiritual potential pulls us up higher and higher from the ground. Therefore, the whole methodology of our ascent, our development, can be described in clear physical formulas.

Kabbalah operates with absolutely real terms: thickness, attraction, screen, rigidity of the screen, force of reflection, light coming from a certain angle, interference, etc.

Along with this, certain sensations arise in a person, because by using these phenomena, he applies them in himself, in his own forces. And then, through his forces, he feels everything that surrounds him, which is called the upper world.

Question: How is it possible that through these seemingly dry terms, a person all of a sudden comes to sensations?

Answer: It is possible! For example, when you look at the notes, it seems to you that some squiggles are drawn on the paper. And the musician looks at it, cries, laughs, and sings. For him, this is a record of information.

The Kabbalist sees this language! For him, this language is alive! Feelings and forces begin to play in it.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Beyond the Last Line” 5/3/10

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