According To The “Love Thy Neighbor” Formula

933Before the collapse of the Second Temple, the Jewish people lived according to the formula “love your neighbor as yourself.” Therefore, they never had the suppression of one by the other like the Romans.

A person was considered great in his spiritual inclinations, in his mercy to others, in mutual help and love. The scientist who knew why it is necessary to live according to the principle of “love your neighbor” interpreted this from within himself. But at the same time, he could do the simplest work.

For example, the great sage Rabbi Yohanan was a shoemaker, someone else was a tailor, and so on. They considered it their duty to participate in simple labor.

After all, the task of a person in this world is to live by his own work, and along with this, to ascend to the very heights of creation with his inner spiritual work. But with the Romans, everything was done totally differently: divide and conquer, suppress with your pride, with your strength.
From KabTV’s “Close up. Formula of the Creator” 7/18/10

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