A House In Exchange For A Hairclip

273.02Question: In May of 2020 TikTok blogger Demi Skipper from San Francisco took announced on her blog that wanted to start with an ordinary bobby pin [hair pin] and swap her way up to a home. She exchanged it for a pair of earrings, and then continued to make a progression of more valuable trade-ups until in November of the same year she achieved her goal of owning a home.

This isn’t the first case of someone trading up a relatively worthless item to owning a house. In 2007, Canadian Kyle McDonald made 14 exchanges to home ownership starting with a big red paper clip.

What do you think about these tales that seem like fantasy?

Answer: All this takes place in front of an audience. But it is quite possible. From where does wealth, money, steamships, etc. come in general? That’s exactly how it’s done.

Question: What’s happening in the chain? Why? How does it get so hyped?

Answer: These are desires multiplied by human stupidity, swagger, fame, and so on. All this gives value to these amounts.

Question: “I’ll do it, and I’ll give you a car for a paper clip. And they will talk about me.” Something like that?

Answer: Yes, it is a sale, of course.

Question: What would you personally like to launch, something simple like this paper clip, and what would you like to get at the end?

Answer: I would like to launch into the world the popularity of the happiness of the world, the real happiness of the world, and at the end for everyone to get an understanding of it. But there is no such TikTok currently, not yet.

Question: A simple sentence like this: “What is happiness for the world?” And as a result, everyone will understand it. Is there no such thing?

Answer: No. There are no such games like this. A deep awareness is needed by each and everyone, of course, that a person is created an egoist and so on. This is the only way. A  game won’t help here; it can’t wind up just like that. It’s not a show.

A person should really want to connect with others, to take care of them, and to realize that we are on the same Titanic.

Question: Can this Titanic sail?

Answer: If we support it this way, then undoubtedly.

Question: If we unite?

Answer: Yes.

Question: And if not, then this is the Titanic?

Answer: Of course.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/23/21

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