The Tree Of Life Is Good Descending From Heaven

509The Scroll of Esther tells that during the feast the queen tells the king how Haman planned to destroy all the Jews. And when the king asks: “What can I do for you,” she replies that she wants to save her people.

Then the king orders Haman to be hanged on a tree. The tree (Etz Chaim or the Tree of Life) is all that is good that descends on us from heaven and descends from above down on everyone in the world except for those who have the grain of Haman in them.

The tree of life is the desire to give, to unite, to spread, and to continue the property of the Creator. Hanging Haman on this tree, meaning our selfish desires, means that they have no right to life precisely because we use them in this way. We kill them with the property of bestowal and love, we deprive them of fulfillment.

In other words, the desires themselves remain and selfish intentions are mortified.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/15/22

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