Recognize The Rule Of The Creator

610.2When the situation in the city of Shushan becomes threatening, Mordechai turns to Esther, the wife of King Ahasuerus, for help. Esther asks all the people to fast for three days for her sake. Fasting means that they renounce all egoistic fulfillments. And if they really endure it, then Esther will be able to turn to the king with her request.

And then in the “Scroll of Esther” it says that the king cannot sleep and when he starts to leaf through the annals, he sees that, it turns out, there was such a case when the Jew Mordechai saved him.

He calls Haman to him and asks: “What would you do for a man who saved the life of the king?” Haman, thinking that it was about him, offered that honors be paid to this man. And then the king instructs Haman to do all this in relation to Mordechai.

This is about how it will end in our days, in our time, with all who rebel against the Creator and want to use the egoistic forces of nature to rule themselves instead of the power of the Creator, which consists only in uniting everyone up to love.

The desire to conquer others, to rule over others, just as egoism still rules over us, all this will change and truth, altruism, unity, and love will triumph.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/15/22

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