The Manifestation Of Spiritual Roots In Matter

746.03Question: A person begins one’s spiritual path with some harmony like it was before the construction of the Tower of Babel when everyone lived as one nation. Then his desires begin to grow, which lead him to the state called Babylon where everything is confused and there is no harmony. Then he comes to the state called Canaan (from the word “Ahnaa –Diminishing”) when he diminishes his ego.

It turns out that first he reveals it within himself, and then we see historically that he really goes to some place.

What kind of law is this that the spiritual root manifests itself at least once in the material world?

Answer: It is said that any root should gradually grow in a person and reach a spiritual state, since our earthly structure, the structure of the entire universe, should express itself in parallel in a material and spiritual form.

That is why it is like this: once there was physical conquest and physical correction, and now we only have to add our internal, psychological, spiritual correction to this.

When describing the spiritual phases of development of a human soul, the sages encoded them in various symbols and words of this world. For example, entering the land of Canaan means diminishing egoism. When a person rises above the ego and begins to work for the sake of bestowal, then this land (desire) is already called Israel.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 2/22/22

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