Spiritual Circumcision (Brit Milah)

294.2Question: What is Brit Milah or circumcision from a spiritual point of view?

Answer: If I achieve correction of my internal states, I reach the state of “skin.” This is the most external part of the body. The body consists of bones, flesh, tendons, and skin. Therefore, when I correct my desires, as we say from the inside out, I gradually reach the state of the correction of the skin.

In the human body there is the outermost foreskin, i.e., extreme selfish desire, which I am not able to correct myself. The only thing I can do with it is to cut it off.

And then everything that remains in me can be corrected, holy, and I throw the foreskin into the sand, into nothingness. This is the part of egoism that I cannot correct. This is why circumcision (Brit Milah) is performed.

Since we are talking about inner desires, I do this through my own will but with the help of the higher force. This is called a contract (covenant).

Question: It turns out that we do not use the last Sefira Malchut. And here, the circumcision of the foreskin takes place in the Sefira Yesod. Why? Does this mean that there are some other desires beside Malchut that we do not use?

Answer: No. We cut off the last phase of the desire, which is on Yesod and is already going outward. Therefore, we have no other desires left.

Question: Why must Brit be performed only on a man? In principle, there is no difference in spirituality. So, should a woman do it too?

Answer: No. Because a man is the bestowing part of humanity and a woman is the receiving part.

Question: But if a woman attains the Creator, can she do it too?

Answer: Yes. Spiritual circumcision occurs for everyone, regardless of gender in our world. In principle, only a person striving for bestowal can do this action.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 12/28/21

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