In The Grip Of The Lack

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: There is a famous prayer that states “I thank you for not making me a woman.” A woman rightfully asks, “Why doesn’t it say, ‘thank you for not making me a man?’”

Answer: This prayer is about the force of overcoming. When a person surmounts his evil inclination, he blesses the Creator for giving him the force of overcoming. We are all (men as well as women) under the influence of the female part, in the power of the lack. A woman is “Nekev,” “Nekeva,” “Nukva,” which means emptiness, need, or the place of a lack.

Meanwhile, men experience the sensation of a lack not less than women, and they feel an even greater emptiness. Therefore, if we are talking about spiritual correction, each of us (a man or a woman) who can conquer our egoistic desire, gives thanks for the fact that we have become worthy of this analysis and correction, that we can rise above our egoism, unite with others, and reach adhesion and revelation of the Creator.

We reach the corrections where men and women go through the same stages. Women who advance with us on the spiritual path go through the same states, ascents and descents, unification, and clarification like men. Due to their nature, we don’t feel the same kind of explosions in them as men experience, but nonetheless they go through the same processes. They understand us perfectly, study the same material, absorb and realize it.
From Kabbalah for Beginners, "Men and Women" 10/14/10


  1. Thank you for having more articles on women.

  2. Where are the female Kabbalists today? Where is the female equivalent to Rav Laitman?
    Couldn’t she share the ‘stage’ at some point during the lesson?

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