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Dr. Michael LaitmanOn one hand we say that we are ready for the Convention, but on the other hand we may be thinking that we are not ready. This is the right state. The Torah talks about this when describing the preparation to the passage and the exodus.

It doesn’t happen smoothly and predictably. The exodus from Egypt is rushed as the people burst forth toward the Red Sea. A person does not understand the mechanisms behind what is taking place and as a result it seems like a miracle to him.

When standing at the foot of Mount Sinai, we say, “We will do and we will hear!” As if we know exactly what to do ahead of time. The only thing that’s needed is to agree to it in principle: We are willing to put forth every effort we have, as much as we are able to understand the demands of the Upper World while in the lower world. This effort opens up the doors to us.

The mind is powerless here. No matter how much wiser we become, trying to find out and understand more things in order to react to the situation more correctly and precisely, it won’t help. We need a simple inner aspiration to become as one, and thereby to become similar to the Creator, the general quality of bestowal and love. Only our heart can understand that this is our salvation.

I hope that we are standing at the threshold of a spiritual breakthrough which has never yet happened in human history. Let’s try, and we will succeed!

From the lesson on 11/6/10, Writings of Rabash

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  1. So, I understand I don’t need to convert to Judaism, but what if I come to feel convicted to convert to Judaism? Wouldn’t observing the Torah physically help, sinced one would be doing things not for oneself, but for the creator, since some mitzvot are difficult, which one doesn’t wish to do for oneself, but may be willing to do for the creator? Also, do/would you ever guide/oversee a conversion, being a Rabbi?

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