What Is Circumcision In A Spiritual Sense

747.01Question: What is circumcision in a spiritual sense?

Answer: Circumcision means that a person’s desires must be strictly differentiated and then those desires that cannot be corrected for the sake of bestowal are removed from any use.

It is said, “Cut off the edge of your heart.” The heart represents desire.

Question: Why were the people born in the wilderness not circumcised?

Answer: Because all the desires with which they worked there were natural. That is, all four stages of light influenced the point of initial desire, which arose in us from nothing, and developed it along all four stages of the gravity, (weight, heaviness) of desire.

Question: So, were there no desires that, as you say, needed to be cut off?

Answer: There were. But they had to be isolated under the influence of the higher light and cut off and removed from use.

Question: While traveling in the desert were these desires just emerging and had not yet been corrected?

Answer: In general, circumcision has existed since the time of Abraham. So, it is impossible to say something about what happened to the people during the times of Egyptian slavery and the exit from Egypt.

But as they approached the land of Israel, they became increasingly concerned about using only corrected desires. Without this, you cannot begin to do anything.

You must count seven days from birth and be circumcised on the eighth. That means when the receiving in our egoistic desires begins (from the eighth stage), we must clearly use them only for bestowal.

Question: It turns out that the journey in the desert is not a process of correction, right?

Answer: The desert is a manifestation of desires and a gradual appeal to the Creator, a gradual approach to the property called the land of Israel.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/27/21

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