Eternal Peace—Universe Of Harmony

275Question: The perception of reality implies that the whole world is made of opposites that are constantly at war. If earlier wars were to conquer, recently they carry a character of enforcing peace. Is it possible to establish peace by force?

Answer: Never. No way. Peace can be achieved if you strive for it with great effort. Peace is a union of antagonistic opposites under a common roof, we have to know how to achieve it.

The fact is that in the state of peace all the internal contradictions remain. They cannot be avoided, erased, annulled, or excluded. They can only be in harmony with each other, in mutual complementation. Only then can this state be called peace.

We have to constantly care for it and fortify it because the contradictions will not disappear. That is, peace is a dynamic state, a state of internal dynamic equilibrium of opposites.

Question: Is it possible to achieve eternal peace?

Answer: To the extent you uphold this state, so it will remain.

Question: Does this process have an end?

Answer: In the end, you will constantly reinforce peace, praise and elevate it. What’s wrong with that? It will be a constantly evolving universe of harmony.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/4/22

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