Does The Future Belong To Female Leaders?


Comment: According to Bloomberg’s Covid Resilience Ranking, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway and Bangladesh are among the most pandemic resilient countries. All of these countries have in common the fact that their prime ministers are female.

Some suggest that female leaders have qualities that give them advantages, especially in crisis situations, such as knowing how to listen, mediation skills, genuine pragmatism, resistance to conflicts, as well as knowing how to be economical. It is also suggested that women leaders work better in crisis situations than their male counterparts, and in this crisis, they prioritized healthcare over economics. Lately you have been talking more and more about the fact that a woman can drive the progress of humanity.

My Response: Yes, she can drive progress.

God is also masculine; He is afraid of women, like all men. 🙂

Question: “It is better not to mess with them.” Is this what He says?

Answer: Yes.

Question: Do women really have such special qualities?

Answer: They are capable. They are in conflict all their lives with people around them, with other women, with children, with husbands. They have to handle everything—the household, work…

A man leaves everything to a woman and goes somewhere into politics, to some job that nobody needs. These jobs are falling into decay and crises. For a woman, however, everything remains the way it was—work, home, children—besides these, she bears children, gives birth, and feeds.

Therefore a woman is really capable of giving birth to a new world. This is not a man’s job.

Question: So can we say the future belongs to women? If we understand this, will we advance?

Answer: Yes. It is written in the Torah that God said to Abraham, “Listen to what Sarah tells you.”

It is because He created everything in this way. Listen to the corrected egoism.

Comment: This already is a Kabbalistic concept.

My Response: This is very serious. Listen not to yourself, but to corrected egoism. In principle, at our everyday level a woman is much more practical, much more sober, and much more balanced than men.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/20/21

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