We Can Only Rely On Women

294.4Question: Tatiana writes to you: “Do I understand you correctly that everything began from a woman, that a woman caused a sin, and a woman must lead the world to correction?”

Answer: Right. I greatly rely on women because I believe that a woman can force a man to do what is needed in the family, in society, and in the world.

I hope that the era of women is gradually beginning. Women must demand a new world.

I think the next stage will be when women will stop giving birth altogether and will stop doing household chores. What they need is enough for them. And then the whole world will gradually begin to sink.

Question: Such a threat to the world should come from them?

Answer: This is not a threat to the world, but a threat to our state, our insane, savage civilization.

Question: Why? Do you pin all your hopes on a woman just because she gives birth to life?

Answer: I think that this is a great force in our world, which is still dormant. When women understand that the world is really going in the wrong direction and there is no other force except for them, they will be able to begin to relate to the world differently, and no one can stop them.

Question: And what is the main thing in their properties?

Answer: It is based on the fact that they feel that the world has no future. And they will not agree to that.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 11/4/21

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