Can Equality Of All Be The Foundation For Peace?

547.05Question: The ideologists of education, such as the philosophers Rousseau and Diderot raised the question of the structure of society to achieve peace, with the cornerstone of political freedom, equal rights, and civil equality.

Can equality of all be the foundation for peace?

Answer: There can be no equality of all because if there are two people, then it is already implied that they are not the same, somewhere in some ways they are not equal.

The concept of equality implies that there is still a contradiction inside that can be balanced. However, this equilibrium will exist in a dynamic state of inequality, which must be constantly addressed and corrected.

That is, equality cannot be reached in such a way that I achieved it once and that’s it. It must be reached and then constantly maintained and developed. There can be no such a thing as done and gone in the world at all.

Question: Is it possible that there is one point at which everyone can be equal?

Answer: No everyone cannot be equal. Then it will be just one person.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 3/4/22

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