Lust For Power

547.01Question: Since ancient times, especially in ancient Greece, people noticed that the abuse of power leads to mental disorders. There are many different symptoms that result from a person staying in high positions for a long time. The ancient Greeks called this phenomenon pride and said that divine retribution comes for it.

How does Kabbalah relate to such a phenomenon as a thirst for power?

Answer: The thirst for power is the main thing that is in a person who wants to rule over what is around him and to manage and retain power.

See how a child grabs everything, holds it, pulls it to itself, and takes it into its mouth. This is the thirst for power, our basic state, so that everything I see and feel is in my power, in my strength, in my desires, states, and possibilities. I want to conquer all this, suppress it, and bring it closer to me.

In principle, the lust for power is necessary for our existence. If we don’t desire something, we won’t be able to breathe, eat food, and so on. The thirst for power begins with such elementary actions and ends with the fact that a person loses his mind because of his irrepressible desire to rule over everything, to suppress and control, and not knowing where to throw himself so as not to miss something.

The desire to dominate begins with a natural state and can acquire monstrous proportions.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 3/22/22

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