Screaming From A Podium Will Not Help

271Question: People of the world of the twentieth century, the world of the past, lived based on the idea that every person can find some rational occupation and that every country needs to be developed and to produce something useful.

Then in various countries—in Syria, Libya, Iraq, and Venezuela—young majors and colonels, presidents, and fathers of the nation came to power. They built factories and roads, trained people to become engineers and doctors, created tank brigades, and tried to reach the American and German standard, and even the Soviet standard.

What happened? How did it suddenly turn out that entertaining is more profitable than producing something, that speculating in numbers is more profitable than trading goods, and that managing chaos is more profitable than managing teams? The old world went into a decline, and the leaders stopped being fathers.

How did this happen to us?

Answer: People have discovered that they do not need it all, not progress or anything else. All people need are bread and circuses.

Question: Are we so primitive?

Answer: This is our nature! This is not what is called primitivism. Primitivism is a high art.

Comment: But we are the supreme creation of nature, as they said in our youth.

My Response: In your youth you were taught that you are the supreme creation of nature. But in fact they just did not want to tell you. If you, as a prudent and wise person, want to live your life rationally, then choose a quiet job, a quiet environment, and a favorite hobby.

Comment: So at first humanity wanted something and the leaders wanted to be the fathers of the nation, to be the fathers of their people.

My Response: They just wanted to be in charge. There was nothing else in them. They were driven by nothing else except the desire to egoistically show themselves, whether for the better or for the worse, to be talked about, to have power and fame.

Question: Why did this disappear?

Answer: First, our egoism is changing. And second, they found out that nothing good comes from this, and that all of humanity is ungrateful. No matter how much you try to get it to do something, it does not want anything!

Question: Where is everything going now?

Answer: Today none of the leaders care that his country, his people, would be higher, better, cleaner, or special.

Comment: That they would live well, would live better.

My Response: His children, yes. But just his children.

Question: Have we become petty, smaller?

My Response: Egoism has become greater. Therefore it demands more from us and we, of course, cannot object to it in any way.

Question: Are you saying that there will never come a time when there will be care for people? Even an ostentatious concern, no matter what, even talked about?

Answer: No, you no longer can buy people with that. You can climb on any podium and scream. They will move past you and go on. This is it; the world has already been through all this.

Question: Then the main question is: where are we going? To which leaders? Can a sage become a leader today?

Answer: No, no one. Which sage? Who would listen to him? A sage is made by the audience, who points at him and says: “This is a sage! Look!”

Question: Do you think that it is people who choose the leader?

Answer: Of course!

Question: Can they choose a leader today like in the past?

Answer: No. It is all gone.

Question: We do not even want to choose a leader who would take care of us, right?

Answer: No. First of all, I do not believe anyone, I do not trust anyone. If I choose someone today, then tomorrow I will reject him. It turns out that there are no leaders and there are no sages; we are left lost, confused, small, and selfish. And we do not need any of this.

But we also do not know what we need.

Question: What will happen?

Answer: I think that, as usual, a war will choose great people. I cannot imagine how it is possible to influence people. After all, no one listens. No one hears.

Question: What is the purpose of nature? What is the purpose of the Creator who put us in this position?

Answer: To develop the correct egoism in us, which would understand that it is actually purposeless. It is very necessary, but it is not aimed at the right goal. And to make it wonder how to redirect itself.

Question: Does our egoism need to feel this? Do we need to feel this?

Answer: Yes, but we do not have enough inner acuity of perception for this. Therefore we do not know. We go there, we go here…”Look, Black Friday! Let’s run to the store!”

Question: Are you saying that there should be some kind of pain?

Answer: Yes. A storm! A very serious storm.

Question: So, are you expecting a storm and there cannot be any other way?

Answer: No. This storm does not have to be physical. It can be internal, inside people, but it should happen. It has to swoop in just like that. It should take us by surprise.

Question: Could it be a stark void or something else?

Answer: A person falls under its influence and begins to change.

He will finally want purpose—the real one. Not in shopping, not in recreation, not in anything. He will want purpose because he will understand that this is what can fill him, stop him, direct him, and give him meaning.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 12/20/21

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