We Must “Grow Wings”

596Question: Tatiana writes: “You are always scaring us that the virus will return, that it will harass us. You say that the reason is us, that we are bad, that we are egoists and think only about ourselves. But we won’t change! Why beat us? It’s like you’re demanding that we grow wings. But they won’t grow!”

Answer: In order for us to eventually learn and even want to even be beaten, but the main thing is that “wings grow.”
“Wings have grown” means that we have gained a screen so that the possibility of “flying above ourselves” has grown in us, above our egoism.

Question: Is that why we are being beaten now?

Answer: Yes. So that gradually, gradually, we want to rise, rise, rise above the earth. Like a bird, it does not immediately take off, it flaps its wings, and then takes off.

Question: So we are beaten in order for us to take off?

Answer: Of course! Exactly for this!

Question: Not for the sake of making us feel bad?

Answer: No! From the side of nature, there is no such thing at all! Nature does not punish anyone; it only corrects and pushes.

Question: So your answer to Tatiana is that we should “grow wings”?

Answer: Yes, absolutely.

Question: And we will “fly off the ground”? Above our ego?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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