How To Feel The Creator, Part 3

629.3Obstacles—Help in the Spiritual Work

Question: What tests and obstacles does a person engaged in Kabbalah usually encounter? How can you recognize that it is an obstacle and not help?

Answer: An obstacle is also help. Help cannot come by itself. It comes precisely in the form of obstacles. For everyone who moves forward, the entire path consists only of guided obstacles where one moves forward as a result of a person’s struggle with them.

Comment: It is considered that help is when a person receives help.

My Response: Do not help in any way. The desire of a person to move forward is help. The fact that one is not allowed to move forward and all sorts of obstacles are placed before him is also a help. It is both of these forces, one that pushes forward and the other that does not allow him to go forward, that develop him.

Question: Which helps more?

Answer: The preventing force.

When disruptions do not allow a person to move forward and he is trying to figure out how to go through them and what to do with them, this is a real help. As it is written: “I will make for him a help made against him.”
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/23/19

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