How To Feel The Creator, Part 2

527.03The Spiritual Basis of Man

But attaining its emanator is a deficiency toward itself, and this is its being. (Baal HaSulam, A Sage’s Fruit Volume 2, “From My Flesh I Shall See God”)

The attainment of the Creator is originally embedded in the soul. A person yearns not for comprehending itself in life, but for attaining the root of life, the Creator.

There is a record of spiritual information inside us called Reshimo, which is revealed from time to time and demands its fulfillment. This is man’s spiritual basis. This is the reason we feel the urge to know everything: Who am I? What am I living for? Where am I headed, etc.?

A person cannot remain indifferent to these questions because if he does, then who is he and what is he living for? It is very important for him to discover his origin and destiny, at least the starting and ending point of his earthly existence. Otherwise, we simply live as beasts and even worse than beasts because they do not have all these questions.

The question is how to realize our internal impulses and find answers to them.

Here, the wisdom of Kabbalah comes to our aid and explains everything very clearly. Later, if we wish to achieve revelation, we have to make serious efforts.

That is, it feels itself as an emanated being. All its events aim toward it, and this is the deficiency that it feels— that it will be able to attain its emanator.

The higher the soul, the more strongly it yearns for that.

Even from the people who come to us to study one can see how strong, stable, and consistent their yearning is or, on the other hand, how inconsistent they are and can easily leave everything and go. This is the first point.

Second, a person is tested by being given all kinds of obstacles in life and he shows to himself and to the upper forces that develop him the extent to which he is ready to stay on track, to keep developing, and has no intention of giving in to or to follow any corporeal interruptions.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 6/23/19

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