Change The Apparatus Of Perception

928Question: Indian philosopher Sri Aurobindo said “There is no law of Nature that cannot be overcome and changed, if we have the faith that all is ruled by the Lord and that it is possible for us to come into direct contact with Him, if we know how to escape from the prison-house of age-old habits and give ourselves unreservedly to His will.”

What do you think about this postulate?

Answer: I absolutely agree with him. Kabbalah says simply: What we perceive today, we perceive inside ourselves according to our qualities and properties.

We experience the world through our five senses. If we had five or fifty more, we would perceive the world differently. Behind the material organs of sensation is our thinking, sensory apparatus, which synthesizes a picture of the world for us.

For example, frogs or bees have a completely different perception of the world, not to mention the fact that the thinking apparatus is built in accordance with this.

Therefore, when we talk about our human ability to unite into one common integral whole, we mean that we will be similar to the integral nature.

There is one unified force in nature. And today we are looking for this divine particle, from which all matter was created, in order to rise above the problems of movement, space and time.

We are going to achieve one single whole, the basis of the property of nature. When we begin to feel nature in an integral form, our egoism becomes our helper, and through integral vision we perceive everything in a completely different way.

I see the world as one common whole not through myself, but let’s say, through a dozen people, and therefore, my perception becomes multifaceted, integral. I begin to feel the universe, its inner forces, what drives it in a completely different way, and at the same time, as a person, I am changing nature, changing the world. It depends only on me.

I cannot say that today I feel the world as it is, because I perceive it in my senses, evaluate it in my conceptual apparatus, in my mind, built in a certain way.

And when I go out to others and try to unite with them, I achieve a completely different mind and feelings. Then, naturally, both nature and the whole world are perceived differently. We call it the upper world, because it is higher than our egoism.

But in principle, this is the world, only it is felt differently, because we have changed our perceiving apparatus. Nevertheless, we explore it completely realistically and understand that by changing ourselves, we are changing the world. The world is our reflection.
From KabTV’s “The Science of Management”

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