Changing Subjective Attitudes

235Question: What misconceptions (beliefs) that affect a person’s life and prevent one from advancing to a higher cognition are characteristic of a modern person?

Answer: We are examining the conceptual apparatus of the world from the point of view of our current consciousness. How can we approach this from the other side? Where is the second part of our consciousness, the opposite one?

Kabbalah immediately begins to investigate the opposite attitude to an object, to an idea, to something that is happening.

It tells a person: currently you are looking at everything from the point of view of your subjective feelings and egoistic concepts, which you received from nature, and you should adopt another point of view, an altruistic one.

Will you be able to elevate yourself to the level where you as if get out of yourself to love your neighbor instead of yourself, to give instead of take, and so on? Change your attitude to the opposite one. What kind of world will you feel then, what solution will you find to this problem?

Then compare these two solutions and see what you get. Perhaps you will find something in between them in which both these approaches, these solutions, will complement each other and lead you to a certain common denominator.
From KabTV’s “Together about the Main Thing” 9/2/18

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