Conditionality Of Consciousness

234Question: How can we check how adequate our perception of reality is?

Answer: What our consciousness decides, we accept as the truth and act accordingly. But at the same time, we close ourselves in. Unfortunately, there may be no other way out. In our real world, there is nothing we can do.

The problem is that we are spinning in that dimension, in that paradigm, in that relation to the world around us that come from the tools of cognition that we received from birth.

If we were a little different, we would imagine the world to be different, just like bees, snakes, and other representatives of the animal world. They see the picture of the world quite differently from us: either in the form of spots of color, or taste, or warmth, and so on. That is, consciousness and its decoding by our brain are conditional.

We live in a very limited, conditional world, which is depicted to us in our corporeal sensory organs. We do not know what is happening outside of us because our senses are locked inside. But how can we exit our subjective sensations of the world and somehow imagine the world not being fashioned by our senses, but truly existing?

What objectively exists at all? Is there something or not? This is perhaps the most important question. And if there is some objective force outside of us, how does it relate to us? How does it control us? How does it organize us? Is there a higher consciousness? These questions are very interesting to me personally.
From KabTV”s “Together about the main thing”9/2/18

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