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938.03Question: What is “friend,” (“Haver” – in Hebrew)? This word has a great semantic weight.

Answer: Haver,” from the word “Chibur,” means connection. With whom I am united with toward the goal of creation, he is called “Haver,” friend.

Question: How can we learn to distinguish the good qualities of friends who are for the good of the Creator from those who are not for His good?

Answer: All the properties you can cling to your friends with are all for the good of the Creator and all these are spiritual properties. All the rest are not.

Question: Rabash’s article “Concerning Above Reason” says: “…while he sees the merits of the friends. At that time, it is relevant to say that he should learn from their actions.” What does “their actions” mean?

Answer: A person wants to learn actions from his friends and considers their actions to be spiritual. If he evaluates them in this way and tries to become like them, then he really corrects himself and becomes spiritual himself.
From the International Convention “Rising Above Ourselves” 1/7/22, “Adhering to the Friends” Lesson 3

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