Our Secrets Are No Longer Secrets

546.03QIn the News (BBC): The ‘mountain’ of waste electronic and electrical equipment discarded in 2021 will weigh more than 57 million tonnes, researchers have estimated.

“That is heavier than the Great Wall of China – the planet’s heaviest artificial object.

“The assessment is by an international expert group dedicated to tackling the global problem of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).”

Question: So many gadgets are thrown away. People will not give up gadgets, electronics, or anything. Where does it all go when it is thrown away?

Answer: I believe that a person who buys something new is obliged to bring the old one and take it to the same store for recycling. It is necessary to organize everything in this way. You can’t buy any new product without returning the old one.

Question: Otherwise they should not sell me anything else?

Answer: Yes. They don’t have the right; they have to get the old one first.

Comment: Once you said something fantastic, that if a person changes his thoughts, then all this will not need to be done; it will disappear by itself. People perceive it as fiction.

My Response: No, the fact is that if we were spiritually close to each other, we wouldn’t need these gadgets. Why do we need to talk or correspond so much? It’s all in the air. We would just feel and understand it, and we wouldn’t have to write. Why should I write things that are already absolutely clear and understandable to everyone?

And so we clog up the ether, we clog up the earth, we clog up everything. All this is “hanging in the air,” as they say. All information.

This is even more than gadgets. What is happening in the air now? It’s all being recorded. There is an organization, each country has its own, which records on one huge disc, as on a CD, everything that is in the air. Absolutely everything! And when you need to get something, it is read at a certain frequency. And there you can hear your frequency, my frequency, his frequency.

And that’s how our conversations are pulled out and listened to when necessary. And when not, the record is deposited and a new record is recorded, for example, a new one every day.

Question: Are you making up some kind of scenario or are you talking about reality?

Answer: I’m talking about something that exists. Imagine a disk on which absolutely all the noises in the air and passing through all networks are recorded. And they are all recorded on this record. It’s a terrible noise, there’s nothing in it. But when you then read it with a certain filter tuned to a certain frequency—for example the frequency of your gadget—then you can hear what you were saying there.

Question: So there are no secrets? All phone conversations, all recordings?

Answer: There is no question about it at all. Who cares about secrets today?

Comment: We started with the environmental problem of gadgets, and now we are approaching the crazy problem of pollution of the entire ether.

My Response: This is a very big problem!

Question: What is scarier?

Answer: The ether is scarier, but we don’t know much about it.

Question: In what case will we get rid of these gadgets, these records, such thoughts?

Answer: When we have a good relations between us, a good connection between us, when we will not hide anything from each other and it will be clear between us without words how we treat each other.

A baby, when he is in his mothers womb does not need any gadgets. And when he comes out there is already a language, some gestures. But in principle, this is all a pitiful semblance of an internal connection between them. It’s the same with us.

We must gradually strive for an inner connection between us, and then we go to a completely different level of interaction and do not clog up any ether; rather we lift everything only to the area where there is only one upper light.

Question: So we become such an embryo of the upper light?

Answer: Yes. We exist in it now.

Question: Our task is to realize this?

Answer: Yes. And to abandon these primitive devices of ours, these means of communication, and so on.

Remark: And then a miracle will happen?

Answer: Yes.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 10/21/21

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