Why Is Man Given The Fear Of Death?

294.4Question: One of the most common concepts today is that a man lives once. Nevertheless, according to research by some sociologists, the fear of death is one of the three strongest fears that most people experience.

But if a person lives once, why is he initially given the knowledge that he is mortal?

Answer: Of course, it would be better if we were like animals who do not understand what death means. They fear death instinctively, but they do not have the feeling of “I will not exist.”

And people who are at, I would say, still a rudimentary level of development, do not have such a feeling either. And then there appears not really the fear of death but the fear of disappearance.

Why is it given to a person? So that he becomes human. But instead, we try to rationally use this fear for our elevation, for our development. As a result, we try to somehow suppress this fear, camouflage, and obscure it so that it does not appear in us.

Whatever concerns death, we distance from ourselves be it a cemetery, a morgue, hospitals, or nursing homes, it is all out there somewhere, but we think less about it and touch it only if necessary. And what is beyond and if there will be anything after, we do not know at all.

Therefore, we are trying with all our might to attach ourselves to the years when we really exist. Instead of looking at the end of his life, a person looks at the younger generation and engages with it as if seeing his continuation in them.

But in fact, this is nothing more than self-deception because we have no clue. There is no correct, clear vision of what exists after death. Why is everything so ridiculous, so strange? Why does everything exist? This is the most important problem of man and humanity.

After all, if there were no death, our whole lives would change: my view of the world, my attitude to it. Let’s say we would live endlessly, we do not change, we do not get old. We would have no idea how we would exist, what our relationship to each other would be, what a completely different world we would be building.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Mystery of the Sphinx” 2/5/10

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