Choleric—A Hero Of Our Time

552.03The four types of human temperament correspond to the four stages of development of egoism.

The phlegmatic is slow, heavy, simple, relatively primitive egoism. A person may be a great scientist, but his external manifestation, his pace, and his internal frequency are of this type. Next come the sanguine, melancholic, and only then choleric.

When we study the four stages of egoistic development, they are arranged exactly like this: the first stage is passive, the second is searching for the opposite of the passive stage, the third stage is incomplete realization and feeling of lack in this realization, and only the last stage is the real developed desire.

However, in principle, each of these stages also includes all four. Therefore, we say that there are four stages, and if we divide them into four more, then there are sixteen.

The biggest desire is choleric. But we are talking about “net” desires and in no case about the “color” of these desires. Both an artist and a locksmith can be choleric.

Comment: If the last stage is choleric, then we can assume that we are now at a stage where this type of reaction prevails.

My Response: Yes, it really prevails. However, the fact is that the internal stress experienced by a choleric who does not see where he can apply himself forces him to lie down on the sofa. There is a huge internal imbalance within him, anxiety with absolute external apathy. This is how a choleric manifests nowadays.

Therefore, if you look at him from the outside, you can say: “Well, what kind of choleric is he? The choleric runs from corner to corner, rushes, does not know what he is looking for.” In fact, he has nowhere to run. He has an internal turmoil because he does not see any external purpose. There is a conflict between his internal and external state.

These people are the most acutely susceptible. The choleric is a creator, a carrier of a huge desire; he is not an executor but a carrier. Therefore, people of all temperaments should be brought together in a team so that something could be born as a result of their mixture. It turns out that choleric people are necessary.
From Kab TV’s “Conversation about Integral Education” 5/24/12

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