The Thought Of Creating The Creation

261Question: How can the creation of creation, meaning the desire to receive, be connected with the human soul? After all, the Creator created a huge soul, that is, a huge desire.

Answer: The Creator created the desire to receive, which He wants to fill, and this is the purpose of creation. But this is not one action of the Creator because the desire to fill consists of the desire to fill with Himself. It means to raise creation to His own degree, to the degree of the Creator.

How is it possible for creation to exist outside of the Creator as an independent object and at the same time be similar, equal, equivalent to the Creator? This is where the misunderstanding arises about what the Creator did.

The Creator created the desire to receive out of His desire to bestow. All its action is to give this desire the opportunity to become the opposite of itself, and then come to equivalence with the Creator, the desire to bestow. This is everything that we go through in our world.

All our properties, everything that happens to us, is aimed at how to transform the desire to receive, created in us by the Creator, into the quality of bestowal. Existing as separate creatures, we must try to make ourselves similar to the Creator through our own desire, effort, and after making sure that this is impossible, we ask the Creator to help us do it.

To come to a request to the Creator, so that instead of the desire to receive in which He created us, we would be in the desire to give and become like Him; that is all we have to do in this world.

And the Creator will answer our requests, and so we will move forward. Only this is the work of a person, one’s efforts, one’s ability to do something.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 10/19/21

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