Adam Is A Collective Soul

275There are only two parameters for people, objects, and every phenomena that we observe in the world: the Creator is the force of bestowal and the only creation is the collective soul. Humanity is a single creation that develops as a whole.

Therefore we divide everything that exists into two parts. One part is a force called the Creator, which holds everything in itself. The second part is what He created, which develops and leads to the purpose of creation.

The Creator is the power of bestowal, the power of love, positive emanation. And creation is the desire to receive pleasure, comprehension, and fulfillment. Their mutual correspondence with each other gives rise to all versions of the existing creation.

Humanity is developing as a whole. It exists inside a huge control system launched by the Creator who is in it as an animating, developing, and controlling force. Through this system the Creator controls all creations: inanimate, plant, animal, and especially man, in order to bring them to one single state: full connection with each other and their full connection with Himself.

This common creation, which includes absolutely everything, is called the desire to receive, or the soul. The soul (the common creation) must come to complete connection, to complete convergence, union, or merging with the Creator in the likeness of properties. This is where we are going.

Our path is that we first realize the evil of our nature, which is opposite to the Creator, and then we want to change it, enter the so-called period of correction, and by gradually correcting ourselves create an image of our likeness to the Creator, and to this extent comprehend Him.

As soon as we begin to become similar to the Creator and further, we will be called a “soul” since our desire aimed at bestowal and love in the likeness of the Creator is called a soul.

In addition, the common soul is also called “Adam,” from the word “like the Creator.” All private souls of inanimate, plant, and animate nature, and man must be united together in the correct system of communication over their rejection and egoistic separation.

And then in their assembled form they will be called Adam, the collective soul. This soul comprehends the Creator and is completely identical with Him.
From KabTV’s “Conversation about The Book of Zohar

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