The Central Point Of The Global Crisis

222Question: Which signs of the global crisis are currently going undetected but should be paid serious attention to?

Answer: The most central point, the root of the global crisis, is in people distancing themselves from one another. We sit behind our computers and play games like children and nothing else.

We must understand that only getting closer to each other through good forces can lead us out of the general crisis. That is, it is a crisis of people distancing themselves from each other, their desire to everyone being in some kind of a cocoon, and not think or worry about anything else.

Question: Why don’t people really feel that there is a crisis? Is it being underestimated? For example, I can assess the crisis in overproduction. I go to the store and see empty shelves. But the crisis in mutual relations is somehow hidden from a person. We don’t understand what is behind it or how serious it is.

Answer: People get entrapped by the “toys” they have invented. Their interest in games distracts them from their real problems. Therefore, on one hand, humanity seems to be advancing, and on the other hand, it is dying out. Everything lies in the awareness of the wickedness of this state. In the meantime, we are only filling the bottomless pockets of those who rule and control everyone.

I do not see anything good in the future. We need to explain to people what all this will lead to. It will mean realizing a very bitter, long journey during which we worked for our own enemies who thought only of how to enrich themselves at our expense only to throw everything we had accumulated and handed over to them into the sea. This is how fierce human egoism works.

It is necessary to realize the evil of our egoism and understand that this is the only evil. Then we can talk about how to get rid of it.
From KabTV’s “Kabbalah Express” 10/19/21

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