I Am In Favor Of Being Vaccinated

962.3Question: What do you think,  is people’s unwillingness to get vaccinated a manifestation of egoism, distrust of medicine, or distrust of the government?

Answer: I think that it is people’s distrust of what is going on around them. They feel the world, no matter what place they feel it from and in what way, as hostile. This is because of the government or because of healthcare or for whatever reason.

After all, everything has been bought and is under the control of circles that think only of themselves, of their own benefit. It turns out that it is going to harm me; either they need to reduce the population or to suppress people. Today a person does not believe in anything. He sees that nothing is being done for his benefit.

Therefore, naturally, no one agrees to just go and expose themselves to vaccinations, which, by the way, are not such a clear thing either. Where did they come from? What am I being injected with? How will this affect me, my genes, my offspring, and everything?

Maybe we are just infecting each other, and as a result, we will get an environment in which viruses living in us will determine everything—right down to our consciousness. There is certain logic in this.

But I do not hold on to that. I believe we need to get vaccinated.
From KabTV’s “Conversations” 11/1/21

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