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209Question: Let’s say a person starts reading the Prophets. How does a Kabbalist read it or someone who wants to break out into another dimension?

Answer: A Kabbalist reads small portions because swallowing does not mean anything. Then it would be like reading fiction.

In order to read a Kabbalistic text, one must enter it, ponder it, and be in a certain state. Some kind of Kabbalistic meditation is needed here.

A Kabbalist is one who studies books with a pen and a notebook. In general, this is not reading, but studying. Moreover, the Prophets is not a simple book.

Therefore it is difficult to convey how a Kabbalist reads it. This is the study of oneself through other characters, i.e., those people who existed in our world and comprehended the Creator. They acted only with the goal of getting closer to Him, positively influencing Him, so that the Creator, in accordance with this, would bring them closer and give them the opportunity to positively influence the world through them.
From KabTV’s “Secrets of the Eternal Book” 9/13/21

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