What The Continuous Takeover Has Led Us To

115.06Question: Why, with the changing socio-economic formations, does a person increasingly discover that he is already interconnected with everyone else—first within the family, then within the city, then the country, and finally between countries?

Answer: Selfishness is growing. My village is not enough for me, I need a large city, I do not need a large city, I need a state, I do not need a state, I need the whole world.

And all this because I feel that I can be connected with the whole world, feel, understand, receive from it, and give something in return, but only when necessary. From this, in principle, all our current means of communication arose, the need for them and the connection between all.

The fact is that egoism is built on continuous expansion, absorption, acquisition, and inclusion in oneself. It is a natural physical force of nature.

The development of capitalist and socialist countries was built on selfishness: to swallow everything around you, to not give up the once-conquered territories. Look how England and France did not want to part with their colonies, or Russia did not want to let go of other republics. This is a natural absorption process.

And today when these countries discovered that the process was going against them and they still had to provide for their colonies, they decided: “Why do we need to provide for them? We will take cheap labor from there, manufacture products and sell them, and profit from them.”

In fact, this is a different type of exploitation, only more modern and more hidden. Therefore, they liberated the colonies: “Live as you want. All the same, you will need our goods. And for this we will exploit you, pump out everything that is possible.” The same is happening today with the whole world.

But the world is becoming more and more interconnected, and therefore, a problem arises. There is nowhere to go further, as we have absorbed everything, divided the whole world. Now, if there is a new division of the world, it will be not for territories, but for sources of information, meaning an information war. All this is an expansion that naturally breaks out of our egoism. And there is no getting away from this until we discover that this is a dead-end path. Now it is gradually starting to open up.
From Kab TV’s “Close-Up. Reference Point” 9/9/09

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