Understanding The Torah Internally

137Comment: It is generally believed that Jews are not liked. But I recently heard the following reaction from one of the readers: “You might think that Jews love someone. Even in their sacred books, they do not recommend close communication with other nations. Go to any Jewish site and you can see a mixture of nationalist hysteria and praise of their own merits—both true and imaginary.”

My Response: Absolutely. Open the Shulchan Aruch (Code of Laws) and you will read there that you must stay away from other nations, deceive them, have nothing to do with them, and so on.

But we must understand that all these laws were written for our inner world where each person breaks himself into two parts. One part wants to correct itself and be called Yehudi, Jew— meaning uniting with the Creator—and ascend to the level of bestowal.

And in everyone, regardless of their earthly origin, there are egoistic properties that still need to be corrected and one should stay away from them, twist them around the finger, deceive them into correction. That is, we are talking about a person’s inner corrections.

In general, the entire Torah, the entire Jewish religion speaks only of this. And the fact that it is used in the literal sense and associated with earthly customs generated all misconceptions about it.

All primary sources speak only of the inner properties of a person: This in me is called Goy, this is Yehudi, this is Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, etc. And then it explains what I have to do with them: deceive, kill, raise, correct. But when this is transferred to the world around us, then everything takes a completely wrong form.

However, if a person reacts correctly, then he transfers everything to his internality. And so people slowly begin to understand: everything that they see shows only a person’s inner world.

And there is nothing to say about our external world. How can we fix something in it? Our world is completely ruled from above, and therefore, we must just exist in it to the minimum. And all corrections can be done only with the help of Kabbalah through the higher management system.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up. Expulsion” 12/11/09

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