Those Who Stop Thinking About Themselves

237Question: Ludmila Kozakova writes to you: “You say that a person becomes a spiritual embryo when he stops thinking about himself. But when he stops thinking about himself, he is considered a fool. What to do about it?

Answer: It doesn’t matter what they think. What difference does it make what they think? If I paid attention to how I am regarded or not regarded, what, should I sue them? Well, what else to do? We must still seek the truth, constantly sharpen it, and live with it.

Comment: Isn’t it harsh what you are saying: when a person stops thinking about himself, he becomes a spiritual embryo? He stops altogether!

My Response: No, that is incorrect. He wants to completely unite and dissolve in the upper force that he is seeking constantly and he wants to feel it more and more.

He disappeared in this and that is why is called the embryo. And then he grows even more and becomes not a fetus but an infant, an adult, and rises to the same level as this upper force. Can you imagine what this means to a person who reaches such a state and rises to the level of nature—upper and lower! It is incredible! On one hand.

On the other hand, this is our goal, and we must achieve it against our will.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 8/12/21

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