Six Problems Leading To The Abyss?

962.6Question: The UN Secretary General named six problems that are leading humanity to the abyss.

The first is the absence of peace. The second is climate change. The third is inequality among countries. The fourth is gender issues. He says that in countries where men and women are equal, there is peace and stability. Fifth is the lack of equal access to the internet. Half of the population does not have access to the internet. And the sixth is the conflict between generations. Sixty percent of young people consider themselves deceived by their own governments.

What do you think about these six problems that are leading humanity to the abyss, as he says?

Answer: I do not see anything terrible in any problem.

The UN Secretary General has to say something, so he does. He must see something, supposedly. This is what he sees.

Question: Then in your opinion, what is the main problem?

Answer: Only education. And this is precisely what the UN is not doing! That’s all. In addition to education nothing is needed.

Question: And when you talk about a global education problem, what do you mean by that?

Answer: In all states, in all state institutions, from elementary schools to retirement homes and above, people just need to explain what the right attitude to each other means. And associate all the problems with this.

That is, a bad attitude toward each other is the basis of all problems.

And this is introduced to a person from a young age, constantly, constantly explaining that. He will hear it and gradually understand what the problem originates from. It all happens only because people are greedy and care only about themselves. Naturally, egoism is meant here.

Question: If a person finds out that he is an egoist and that all the problems come from this, what will this do to him?

Answer: At least knowing the problem is half the solution. Firstly one will no longer look for it somewhere else. He will not create various committees and invent problems instead of that one.

He will know that the whole problem is in human nature and it must be corrected somehow. We will announce an international competition to solve this problem. We’ll talk about it everywhere. This is everyone’s problem. I wonder who will put forward any proposals for its solution.

And we will discuss this everywhere, on the networks and so on. We will publicize people who participate in this. Let’s name the winners who want to help for free. And in this way we will create a worldwide movement.

Question: Will this movement change a person? Suppose he understands that the basis of all the problems of mankind is egoism, which all of us have.

Answer: We will gradually be able to explain to people that this is precisely the problem. And that it is solved only in a special way, by the inner force of nature, whose effect on us we can arouse. And in this way this problem can be solved.

I believe that humanity has no other way. I know that. And it will just make sure that nothing helps, that nothing can be done. But if we all say that we need to change, that we are bad but we must change for the better and so on, then it’s like a prayer. It will work.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 9/23/21

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