What Separates Us From Happiness?


In the News (ipso.com): Ipsos’ What Worries the World survey tracks public opinion on the most important social and political issues across 28 countries today, drawing on 10 years of data to place the latest scores in context. This global summary report presents the top concerns around the world… .

“At a global level, over one third (36%) on average say that Covid-19 is one of the top issues facing their country, level with June, which saw a 6-point decrease vs. the month before. Unemployment is the second biggest issue across all countries at 32%, followed by Poverty & social inequality (31%), Financial/political corruption (30%) and Crime & violence (26%).”

Question: Education is not the main problem. Why do you keep saying that this is a problem?

Answer: It is the most important and only problem. People don’t understand that our upbringing will change the world. Change in the world is in the change of a person.

Question: But people have children, they see what is happening around them. Why does it not enter their consciousness?

Answer: Because it is against our egoism.

Question: For our egoism, the pandemic, poverty, and social inequality are the problem? Something that concerns only me?

Answer: Only me and I don’t care about anything else, just my own skin.

Question: How do you want to lead humanity to some kind of change?

Answer: It’s very simple, on one hand we just need to show that this is the only problem that separates us from happiness. That’s all. If we change, the world will change and everything will change: this virus will go away, and all other problems. Everything will go away.

Otherwise, there will be a long path of suffering, which will still teach us that we need to change ourselves. Changing a person is the key to changing the world. There is no escape. This is a long way of suffering until we realize it.

Question: And what will happen to a person as a result of suffering on this long journey?

Answer: He begins to realize exactly the cause of his bad state. He realizes that his egoism, his bad attitude toward others is the cause of all the problems of the world.

Question: Are you sure that as a result of suffering, a person will understand this? As a result of great suffering.

Answer: Yes, but it’s a long way.

Question: Do you think that a person will not hear now, on his own?

Answer: Some part will hear. It seems to me that today it is already possible to create such societies, such circles that would live by the fact that changing a person is the basis for changing the world.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/1/21

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