When The World Becomes Uncontrollable

115.06Zohar for All, Lech Lecha, item 22: You should know what is the power of Nimrod over Abraham to throw him into the furnace, which is Ur [Aramaic: light, flame] of the Chaldees, and how he was saved from the furnace.

The king of Babylon, Nimrod, represents a great egoistic force.

If you gather together all modern leaders and politicians who are controlled from above as puppets, you will see Nimrod. This is egoism, which does not know exactly how to perform. It sees that everything is falling apart before it, as our current so-called leaders see.

The world is falling apart. Neither money, which disappears who knows where, nor the army will help. What should we do? Start a nuclear war? That’s pointless!

Today, world leaders are practically deprived of their power. They have nothing to lead with. The police are also very limited. What can be done with people?

The world is becoming unmanageable. This is Nimrod who feels that everything is slipping out of his hands. Abraham is revealed as the radical who seems to be organizing all this. As the saying goes: “These Jews again.” After all, Abraham is considered the first Jew.

Here we can draw a parallel between today’s Israel and everyone else in the world that will very soon treat us like this: “This is it, we have found who is to blame! We will destroy them and everything will be fine.”

Therefore, Nimrod throws Abraham into a furnace. The same will happen to us. However, we will overcome it, and because of that we rise even higher.

Question: Is it necessary to go through this stage historically? After all, we have already been through the gas chambers.

Answer: The fact is that we can go through this furnace internally and not externally. Externally, it is a very long way, decades of all sorts of problems. It is enough for us to go through some difficult state internally and to be born as a new person through it.

This is preferable to us as representatives of Abraham, to the entire world, and even to the haters from the side of Nimrod because they will feel bad themselves. Thus, you can go through everything in a quick, easy, pleasant way of the recognition of evil when you understand that there is evil in you, but at the same time you are already holding a cure for it in your hand.

Comment: The problem is that people want to live peacefully and not to worry.

My Response: They cannot continue like this. The crisis has only shown itself a little. It stuck out its head like a snake and then hid it. Now it will not only stick out its head, but also open its mouth.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #17

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