If We Want To Feel The Creator

239In the treasury of the Creator there is everything except fear of the Creator, which we must create in ourselves. We need to turn our egoistic desire into fear from the understanding that if the Creator does not build us a Kli, then we will never come to bestowal.

Fears are different. One is afraid of the bank because of large debts, the other is a hooligan and is afraid of the police. And we are all afraid of the opinions of others, what people will say about us. We are squeezed into a rigid framework that dictates the conditions of our life to us and we exist in them.

But it is precisely this pressure from the still, vegetative, and animate nature, and people that allows me to feel alive. If I didn’t feel their reactions, I wouldn’t feel this world. On one hand, I am burdened by the pressure of others and the environment, and on the other hand, this pressure determines the place of my existence; otherwise I would not feel it.

Therefore, if we want to feel the Creator, we need to feel how He puts pressure on us and how much we can put pressure on Him in response, that is, to enter into a mutual relationship.

We are afraid of everything: trouble at school where the child is studying, the police, doctors, bosses at work, coronavirus, and thousands of other troubles that can fall on us. But we ourselves do not realize how much this fear animates us.

After all, in essence, we are driven by one primitive desire to enjoy and only want to have fun. And if we feel like the environment is constantly pressing on us and shaping us, then we feel like we are living in this world.

But if we want to be in another world, a higher one, we must try to develop Kelim for its perception. In our world, we are afraid of inanimate nature (the climate, hurricanes, etc.), vegetative nature (everything related to crops and food), animals, and people. In the end, we feel like we are living in fear from the pressure felt around us, and we don’t even realize it.

This fear determines for us the whole picture of life, the form of the world, existence. If the pressure of the environment disappears and I do not feel that I need others, want them, or fear them, then I will cease to feel reality. And that’s how we don’t feel the Creator. Therefore, we need to develop fear or sensitivity to the Creator.

If I want to feel another reality, which is called the upper world, other worlds: Assiya, Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, Adam Kadmon, the world of infinity, then every time I have to change myself, ask what desires, what fears and determinations I should have regarding the external environment.

Kabbalists say that we have nothing to worry about because the Creator is good and does good. Therefore, we have nothing to fear. There is only one problem: If we want to feel His goodness, we must build an appropriate Kli in order to wish to do good to Him. And then, according to the equivalence of our qualities, we will feel the Creator and see that there is no state better than this. It will bring us confidence, pleasure, and fulfillment; we just need to treat the Creator kindly.

A vessel for feeling the upper world, the Creator, is fear of the Creator. But I have nothing to fear from the Creator because He will not do anything bad to me. It’s only me who harms myself with my egoism. Depending on whether I choose an evil inclination or a good inclination, the light coming from the Creator will seem to me like light or darkness. It all depends on me.

If I enter the royal treasury with a suitable vessel, I can receive part of the light into it and each time more and more. And the Creator wants us to transfer all His treasury, all the infinite light inside us, that is, to climb the stairs to the world of infinity.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson Baal HaSulam 10/28/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #38 “The Fear of God Is His Treasure”

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