Spiritual View On The Contrast Between Light And Darkness

41.01It is impossible to advance toward the purpose of creation on a straight line. We will always deviate from it, once in one direction and then in the other. It is like a rocket flying toward a target that constantly deviates by some angle but constantly corrects itself relative to the target.

And so do we:, stray from the straight path, correct the deviation, stray again, and correct again until we finally reach the goal.

You see, we cannot feel if we are on the right trajectory. We always need some kind of deviation that will allow us to assess our condition. If I do not feel a deviation from the path, then I am in a zero neutral state without any possibility of moving forward.

All our senses, sight, hearing, smell, taste, and touch, are all built on the contrast between two qualities, on the difference between truth and lie, bitter and sweet. Only in this form do we begin to understand where we are.

We complain about problems in the family, at work, in the group; we go through a lot of different states, sometimes bad and sometimes good. But this is not accidental precisely because only due to opposites, due to the contrast between light and darkness, can we evaluate ourselves.

And the further we go, the finer this estimate and the smaller the deviation becomes. We start with large deviations and then their amplitude narrows more and more. And next to the goal the deviations become quite microscopic but extremely important at the same time. That is, as we approach the goal the amplitude of the deviation from plus to minus becomes more and more important.

It is the same as in any science, a high-level specialist will see an abyss of conditions in the smallest question. For an ordinary person, only very large things are noticeable.

While working in a group, we must try to see these fluctuations, differences, and changes between good and evil in our relations and distinguish one from the other. There can be no good without evil and no bad without good in the family life or in the life of the group. But all this is not given so that we seriously focus on it but so we perceive these changes as a means to attain the Creator and constantly keep Him in sight.

We increase the resolution so much and achieve such accuracy as if we had previously measured the deviation in meters and now we have enhanced the scale to millimeters. We become more delicate and sensitive to the changes taking place in each of us and in all of us together.

And this is not just a change in resolution, but these are different worlds. Thus we ascend from the world of Assiya to Yetzira, Beria, Atzilut, Adam Kadmon, and reach the world of infinity. The whole point is how subtly we distinguish the difference between reception and bestowal, between the Creator and creation, between light and darkness in all their variations.

It is said about this: “Wisdom comes with experience.” The more we work, the greater sensitivity we develop to all these phenomena to such an extent that we begin to feel spirituality.

The spiritual world is right here! The Creator and the Shechina are present here, everything here is spiritual. But where is it? Why can’t we see anything? We just do not have the sensitivity for it, like young children who do not see half of what their parents notice. And we need to develop such sensitivity to bestowal, to special relationships between people.

We call this special relationship between people Shechina, and we call the power contained within them the Creator. Therefore it is said: “The Creator said, ‘as though he had made Me.’” We build a state in which we reveal the Creator.

We all connect in the Creator, and therefore this is called the middle line.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/22/21, Writings of Baal HaSulam, Shamati #29 “When Thoughts Come to a Person”

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