The Screen Is A Purely Individual Quality

608.02Question: What elements does the screen consist of?

Answer: The screen consists of two forces: the magnitude of the egoistic desire to attract to yourself and the forces of bestowal, rejection, unwillingness to work with this force of attraction.

Question: Can a person be born with a screen?

Answer: No, never, not at all. We are all born as little egoists and remain so throughout our lives. If a person is engaged in Kabbalah and begins to understand that it can provide him with an altruistic, anti-egoistic quality, and continues to work on it in order to acquire this quality, then gradually a screen is formed in him. This is a cumulative process.

The screen is a purely individual quality. It cannot be adopted from someone, bought, exchanged, or borrowed.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 8/20/21

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