The Collapse Of The Institution Of Marriage

962.2Question: Increasing numbers of  people do not want to enter into formal marriages today, and in many places, common law marriage is considered a de facto legal, marital relationship. Interestingly, according to statistics reported in a study I read about, 70% of men living in a common law marriage consider themselves single, and 90% of women in the same situation consider themselves married. How can you explain such an opposite attitude to this situation?

Answer: They want to think that way because we educate both men and women incorrectly. Man does not feel responsible. It is more convenient for him. It is easier to live in a common law marriage because it does not obligate him to anything.

But we also know other statistics: people live together for a long time, get married, and after a while get divorced. Moreover, this happens in the overwhelming majority of cases. If they had not entered into marriage, they would have continued to live together.

The fact is that man was not created as a machine—I live with someone. Does this oblige him or not, does he enclose himself in a framework that puts external pressure on him and commands him? If it overwhelms him, he will try to escape from it.

Man was created to strive for freedom. If against the framework that oppresses and obligates him, he does not have internal compensation, which should be laid in him by education, then he will run away, get divorced, and will not think that it is necessary to be included in this framework. Therefore, the institution of marriage has practically exhausted itself today.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up” 8/11/09

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