In Search Of The Truth

292Question: You say that our world is an illusion. Which signs along the way indicate that we are advancing toward spirituality and that we are not moving from one illusion to another illusion?

Answer: I am searching for the truth. At the moment I don’t know and I don’t understand the upper worlds. I am simply looking for the force that manages our world. I am looking for the most sublime state I can be in, and this will happen only if I ascend above my egoistic nature.

I yearn for the lever that will raise us above the ego so we can be united, since there is no other way. There are two forces in the world, the force of connection and the dividing force, plus and minus, and we need to acquire both of them and control both of them, and I need to try to do that.

Question: Will I feel the same reality when that happens?

Answer: Of course you will immediately feel where you are. Systems of coordinates will begin to change in you. Everything will change because you will be on the level of the forces that manage our world and not below them like everyone else, and then you will have no more questions.

Question: So does this mean that at the moment I am moving in the dark?

Answer: Of course, but we are in a world in which physical laws operate and you need to obey them whether you like it or not since you are inside them. If you create new forces in you, you will find yourself under the influence of the spiritual forces.
From KabTV’s “Fundamentals of Kabbalah” 7/14/19

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