It Feels Like This Is The Truth

629.3Question: Ariel writes: “I do not understand anything you say, but there is a feeling that this is the truth. How do I deal with this?”

Answer: Let it be. It is simply that this is really the truth; this is actually how it is. It is about what is happening in the world, it is what Kabbalists have predicted for the world throughout history. So let’s not try to rewrite history to suit ourselves, but understand that it is unchangeable. What is written must happen.

All we need to do is use our mind to try and make this history happen a little above us, a bit over us. In other words, we hear how the Creator scolding us, how He is directing us and showing us where and how to change. And this should be enough, His pointing His finger should be sufficient for our advancement.

Question: Ariel writes that he does not understand what you are telling us, but he feels that it is true. Is it good or bad that a person does not understand?

Answer: It is good. This indicates that he has a correct, normal perception.

Comment: Actually, a person is usually guided by knowledge. He understands that he cannot grasp what you are saying within reason. He only has a feeling that it is true. So he stays and listens.

My Response: Yes. That is enough because a soul is a feeling and not knowledge.

Question: When you met your teacher, how did you feel? Did you understand what he was talking about?

Answer: Virtually not. Practically, I did not understand it. I felt that it was the truth. That is all. But what the truth is, I did not know.

Question: How can this be? This goes completely contrary to this whole world.

Answer: It is how it is from above. There is nothing you can do here.
From KabTV’s “News with Dr. Michael Laitman” 7/22/21

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