How Do I Find Out What Is Closer To Me?

631.1Question: There is a lot of talk about spirituality now. How does one recognize the level and correctness of the teaching? What can you recommend? There are many different options. How does one choose the best one?

Answer: I don’t know. I do not call anyone, I do not attract anyone, and I do not entice anyone. I can only tell you one thing: you must feel it yourself, not to trust, but to feel what is closer to you.

Kabbalah is a science that explains everything very logically and sensibly, it uses examples and exercises, not some mystical, meditative ones. If meditation or prayer is closer to you, then go to other places. If you are closer to science, clearer knowledge, then come to us.

Question: How can it be felt? What is this feeling and how can you find out inside yourself what is closer? How is closeness manifested?

Answer: There are people who by their nature, say: “You tell me something so that I believe in it. Give me some piece of paper, and I’ll use it to pray so that I feel good,” like a small child holding onto a pacifier or a rattle, and this gives him confidence. He doesn’t need anything else in life.

But if a person wants to comprehend, learn, understand, and, most importantly, achieve something specifically different, then he comes to us.

He senses that the truth is here. Not just like that, but through feelings and reason. Mostly by reason. He understands that this is indeed a science that seriously speaks about an attainment of the upper layers of the world, the systems that govern.

And this is exactly what is intended for our generation.
From KabTV’s “Ask a Kabbalist” 12/31/18

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