How To Define Truth And Lie?

962.3Question: Baal HaSulam writes that there is nothing more sublime than truth and nothing lower than a lie. How can we define categories “truth” and “lie” in our world? Where is the truth here? After all, everyone has their own truth.

Answer: This is exactly the problem. Therefore, we are not properly oriented to anything in our life and we replace lies with the truth and the truth with lies all the time.

Question:  Where can this measuring device be found? What and who is the benchmark?

Answer: Only the science of Kabbalah talks about that. We see how all religions, philosophies, and psychologies go wild. And so, the whole world.

Comment: Indeed. There is no generally accepted agreement that this is true.

My Response: None. You can even go through the criminal, procedural, and all sorts of other codes, from country to country, and you will see that everyone has different concepts of truth and false.

Question: But if it is natural, maybe it is correct? Who said that there should be one concept of truth?

Answer: If Indians live somewhere, Eskimos somewhere, Africans somewhere and they are not connected with each other, then it is normal. But if the globe becomes round and everyone communicates with each other and everyone needs some common ground to understand each other,  for this we practically need one law.

This is the same as physical laws. For example, the law of gravity is the same for all and nobody has problems with it. This is natural. Social laws should be the same. But because we are egoists, everyone wants to bend laws for themselves.

We cannot change the laws of nature in any way. And social laws are given to us so that we can adapt them all the time to ourselves and to the truth. That is why it is said: “Seek justice.” Seek for a long time, seek all your life, from generation to generation, and gradually you will advance. Then you will have a society that will truly move forward.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 4/22/19

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