Impressions From Exposure To The Light

276.04Everything in spirituality is initially built on the equivalence of two forces: the force of bestowal, love, fulfillment, and creation, which is called the Creator, and the opposite desire upon which this force works: the desire to receive, accumulate, and absorb everything inside.

The influence of the force of the Creator generates all states that the creation goes through until it reaches its full similarity to the Creator. In this metamorphosis, the creation constantly feels it is under the influence of the upper light. It is forced to go through these states: the best, the worst, and all kinds of descents and ascents in order to imprint within itself various impressions of the influence of the light.

As a result, these impressions evoke various forms of desire. The desire itself, created by the Creator, is like formless clay from which all sorts of forms, states, and impressions must be created: close-far, low-high, wide-narrow, light-dark, red-green, musical sounds, etc. That is, all categories that distinguish a place, time, space, and movement.

Therefore, the light acts on this amorphous desire, this piece of clay, this shapeless piece of earth, dust, and makes something similar to the Creator out of it.

Imagine to what level you need to elevate this creation! And it must be aware of its ascent, be impressed by it so that it achieves independence in the likeness to the Creator.

The Creator is working on this initial desire, which is not even an embryo and has not yet been born. This is what we study in the science of Kabbalah and what we practically go through ourselves.
From KabTV’s “The Power of The Book of Zohar” #19

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