Uncovering The Truth Of Nature

214Question: How is it possible for the strong and the weak to realize themselves in the same way in our time?

Answer: Only by revealing the general system of our interaction through attaining the wisdom of Kabbalah. Today, if we reveal to mankind the system we exist in, like in science fiction movies, suddenly Boom!, and it is revealed that you are inside some space that affects you, and it turns out that you are under the influence of some forces that hold you and do not allow you to rush anywhere, then from this moment onward we would become good kids.

Comment: But we do not yet see this system of forces.

My Response: To do this we need to disseminate Kabbalah in order to reveal this system with its help. A person who studies Kabbalah suddenly begins to feel it, and by feeling it, he becomes different.

There are no coercive measures here, no illusions or mysticism. He begins to see the forces that stand behind matter, organizes it, holds it, and connects us. By clearly seeing this system of forces, he involuntarily behaves correctly in accordance with nature. It is not that one politician invented something, then another one or someone suggested something or something seems to somebody today.

We need to reveal the truth of nature, and from there we will learn why we are created in this way each with certain properties and background, why everyone should optimally realize himself in a certain way and not in another way. Then everyone will be happy.
From KabTV’s “Close-Up”

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