Mixing The Properties Of The Creator And Creation

549.01Question: What did the mixing of the properties of the Creator and creation lead to?

Answer: At a certain stage of development, the creation only received, and then there was a mixing of the altruistic properties of the Creator with the egoistic properties of the creation, which caused the breaking.

That is, the desire that received for the sake of others to pass through itself all the highest pleasure, began to receive for itself without passing it to others.

In our world, the breaking is manifested in the fact that today any person can not only receive, but also give only with an egoistic intention.

But thanks to this, there is a connection between us. If everyone only received, there would be no connection between people at all, like between small children who do not understand, do not feel each other. In order to take something or give something, you need to feel the others.
From KabTV’s “Spiritual States” 7/23/21

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