Blending Of Opposites

Dr. Michael LaitmanThere is a state when the will to receive and the will to bestow unite, fill each other, and remain in each other to such an extent that it is impossible to tell them apart. This state is called the “world of Infinity,” and it is the original state of existence.

And then there is a descent, a “step by step corruption,” when from the state of unity, they begin to withdraw from the state of oneness, and through an expanding cone, descend downward, distancing themselves from each other.

At a certain stage of their separation a special status was formed, and they discovered an opportunity to reunite. However, when they attempted to do so, it resulted in a breaking. These desires not only stand on opposite sides, with one on the right and the other on the left, but now each of them must also include the other. That is the cause of their breaking: Once desiring to unite again, as in the world of Infinity, they failed and broke. In other words, the failure in unifying resulted in their absorbing each other’s properties.

After this, evolution continued down along the expanding cone, moving them even farther away from each other. But at this point, the force of bestowal, that is, the primary force, the Creator, is completely permeated by the properties of the will to receive, the force of the creation, while the creature is totally imbued with the properties of the Creator, the will to bestow.

The Creator is filled with the force of bestowal, while the receiving force is included in and is subordinate to it. Whereas with creation it is the other way around: The creature is filled with the force of reception, and the force of bestowal is subordinate to it, internal and concealed.

And then they descend into our corporeal world. At this point, the creature, the force of reception, begins to evolve. In the beginning it doesn’t feel anything at all, what and who it is. It is automatically governed by internal forces and evolves by way of their influence. What forces are they? They are the creature’s basic force, the desire to receive pleasure, and hiding within it is the internal force, the desire to enjoy bestowing pleasure.

The will to receive evolves, while the desire to give is practically not felt. It manifests solely to the extent of maintaining the desire for pleasure, by supplying life force to it, and creating all types of communication between the forms of its matter.

When the Big Bang lay ground to processes in the still nature, its entire development derived from the will to bestow instilled in matter. After all, the will to receive, in itself, doesn’t move; it simply wants to enjoy and remains stationary while simply keeping its “mouth” open. What changes and gives it the force of life is namely the will to bestow that is hidden in it.

Thus, these two forces evolve: The giving desire, despite its being concealed, drives the receiving one and pushes it forth. In this way, our entire universe had developed, followed by Earth, based on the interaction of the two opposing forces: cold and heat, attraction and rejection, and so on. In nature, everything we see is comprised of these opposites which are actually included in one another.

All the changes occurring in the still, vegetative, animate, and speaking nature are caused by inter-inclusion of these two forces: the desire to receive and desire to bestow. They blend together in various combinations, while the giving desire manifests, prevails, and rules over the receiving one more and more. And the will to receive goes along with it because this development brings benefit to it.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 2/18/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. Great! Sound like a good ending,…but how you say,Oi’vey! the process!

  2. I felt this feeling the whole time about everything while “tripping” on LSD and I don’t know why? That is a good question… why?

  3. Because that’s the true nature of the universe

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